Day 28 of Lockdown –Wednesday 22 April 2020

Less photos lately, because I have been cycling instead of walking. As someone who loves cycling, but loathes traffic – the lockdown has been perfect for getting out on a bike.

The Papanui Parallel is my cycleway of choice. We blat down Cranford Street, turn down Main North Road and then head down Grassmere Street back down towards St Albans. On our excursion yesterday, we got lost because the opening on Grassmere Street was a bit obscured by roadworks.  So we ended up well south of where we should have been. Doubled back down side streets,  found parks and creeks, and a mysterious enclave of mansions.

Today we did it right. One of my favourite parts is a bit of country in the heart of the city. A derelict house or farm outbuilding folly. There are even sheep.


Across the road from this paddock is a rest home. It has a white tent set up out front. It was lovely and sunny today, and I could see elderly residents walking slowly around the environs, some with walking frames.  Some residents sat outside their units, enjoying the sun.

I am acclimatising my body to cycling. My bum resisted at first, all these new muscles yelling out. But today is Day 4 and it isn’t hurting now. I’ve learned to divest myself of one layer before heading off, so today I just had a tshirt and leggings. My $25 EcoShop bike is doing fine, especially now the seat is a bit higher. On my first ride, I felt my knees popping madly high in the air.  Lots to learn though. I had a hole in my leggings, and every time I stopped it hooked on some pointy part of the bike. There are now large holes in my lovely botanical leggings, so no more cycle rides for them.




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