NZ International Film Festival Launch: 100 Days Project: Day 51

The roof of the Isaac Theatre Royal 2nd floor foyer

The roof of the Isaac Theatre Royal 2nd floor foyer.

I went to the launch of Christchurch’s NZ International Film Festival programme. It’s an embarrassment of riches, as always.

My picks

Ethel and Ernest – a beautiful looking rendition of Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel about his parents.
The Beguiled – I can’t resist a Gothic melodrama, and Sofia Coppola is a Queen (though I confess I fell asleep during Lost in Translation. In my defence, it was a late screening).
House of Z – fashion docos combine my love of a good doco and fashion, and Posen’s gowns will be killingly swoonful on the big screen.
Animation for kids 8+ for the whole whānau.

Oh and Stalker – I read (and loved) Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room by Geoff Dyer – all about the layers and meaning of this movie, and his various re-watchings of Stalker – but never actually seen the movie itself.

There’s a tonne of NZ stuff of interest: Spookers and No ordinary Sheila and My Year with Helen look like standouts.

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