A series of unfortunate events: 100 Days Project: Day 44

Photo taken 24 June 2017

Photo taken 24 June 2017

We drove to the crematorium for a funeral. On the way, saw a beautiful cat dead on the side of the road.

Beside the church, the crematorium. Except it wasn’t. It was a cookery school.

Quickly went to Google Directions to figure out how to get to crematorium.  Arrived, a few minutes late.

A beautiful service. My bloke’s Nana was there, her face much tinier and pinched compared to the last time I saw her. His Grandad had knocked his leg and had blood on his trousers.

I went back to work. Get a text saying daughter has vomited.

I have a headache, take a pill. Meeting.

Headache is back, is it a migraine? I don’t think I get them, but this is a doozy.

Colleague notices the ants are back in the office. They are swarming near a bar of Caramilk (as yet unopened) and have taken over the tin with Oddfellows in it. We kill them. They put out a stink. Stinky ants. The smell is on me.

Home time, get to the bus interchange. Queue to top up bus ticket. Queue jumped by a man, a very important one no doubt.


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