Blood like love: 100 Days Project: Day 24

I gave blood today with my colleague Brendon. I hadn’t donated for a while – 11 years – due to tattoos, babies, anaemia, and low blood pressure. But it is World Blood Donor Day today, and I passed all the tests so was good to go.

Giving blood makes me think of Dad. He has been a regular donor for years and years. It is one of those social good actions in fitting with how he lives his life. Charity begins at home, and what could be closer to home than your very own precious blood.

It all went well for Brendon and me, we got our plaster and had a glass of cordial and a piece of cake. The staff were wonderfully friendly and helpful and appreciative. The volunteer making sure we were ok afterwards said she helps because her husband had a major transfusion , and it was her way of giving back.

Check out the NZ Blood Service and find out about being a donor.

Donna, O+

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