New Regent Street: 100 Days Project: Day 9

New Regent Street is quite a fetching spot these days. I’m a fan of the knitted blankets outside The Last Word and the spectacle-ular window displays of Groovy Glasses. And bikes with baskets and 1970s patterned sun umbrellas perched outside Rollickin Gelato tell the story of the kind of city centre I want to hang out in.

Rollickin Gelato has opened its upstairs space now – there’s comfy seating, lava lamps, and some books to read. Their chocolate fountain is made of melty Whittakers goodness, and you can have that as a choc top on your gelato, or warm your mitts on a hot chocolate made from it.  We’re keen on the Smores too.

I’m not much of a night owl, but at last year’s WORD Christchurch Festival I went to the launch of Aotearotica and a whole bunch of interesting literary things were going on in New Regent Street – lady poets and performances. Typewriters perched outside each venue, so you knew who was taking part.

Around the corner, the new Central Library is taking shape.
At the other end, another demolition is opening up a view down to the river.

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