Princess Princess: 100 Days Project: Day 7

Photo taken 15 April 2017.

On a damp Saturday afternoon, we  watched the newish Cinderella movie, with wasp waisted Lily James as the blonde Cinderella. Oh, that blue ballgown – and Helena Bonham Carter — donning a set of choppers to match Lily’s slightly buck teeth —an equally impressively frocked Fairy Godmother. Not to mention Cate Blanchett as Couture Stepmother putting the haute into haughty.

The princesses in this photo are more local. They did an Easter Egg hunt at Abberley Park. Christchurch Princesses do birthday parties too, if your kid wants a princessy type of birthday.

And this week in princess adjacent news , Pippa Middy married James Matthews (brother of Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea – my reality show of choice).

Also on the princess kick, we recently read Princess Princess ever after by Katie O’Neill, a Christchurch artist and writer. Princesses that quest together, and get married. What a joy.

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