Lemon Tree Cafe: 100 Days Project: Day 6

Photos taken 16 May 2017

Photos taken 16 May 2017

On a Friday I work in the CBD, and often pop into the Lemon Tree Cafe first thing to get a green tea latte. It is yummy, but looks like pond sludge. The staff are lovely and friendly, and the place has a kind of country provincial style that’s the opposite of Christchurch’s prevailing industrial look cafes.  A pretty oasis.

Yesterday I got my green tea latte in the afternoon,  and when I popped in there was a notice on the door:

It is so sad that we are closing from 5th of June …The building will go under construction to repair earthquake damages and also strengthen the building …we are not sure how long it will take but we are hoping to open again on the 26th June … We will miss you a lot and we hope to see you again soon. Stay warm everyone! Winter has come.

I hope it all goes well for them. It is a special spot.

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