Ronnie van Hout, Earthquake anniversary, & the hellraiser heart of Christchurch – 2012 in pictures: February

February 2012 photos
You had to be up early or late to see Ronnie van Hout on Worcester Boulevard. On one of those Christchurch CBD mornings when there is no-one out walking, I saw him.

Wildflowers grew on Victoria Street. They were only there in that brief transitional moment between demolition and rebuild. I wish all demolition sites could look like this.

Protestors reflected in a panel on the CCC building on Hereford Street. 2012 was a year of protestation – democracy, schools and land …
CCC building

Brannigans on the corner of Gloucester Street is demolished. You can see through its skeletal remains to the Government Life building in Cathedral Square.

The Chinese Lantern Festival in Hagley Park.

3rd birthday.
Happy birthday

The hellraiser heart of Christchurch

22 February 2012

The first appearance of my favourite Christchurch sign, outside Edgeware Super Value.

The most discreet, unheralded piece of Christchurch street art. A tiny ChristChurch Cathedral on Colombo Street by the old Christchurch Womens’ Hospital. It has since been painted over.

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