4 September 2010

7.1 earthquake, 4.35am. Dad & baby checking everyone is ok.
Our chimney is on the back lawn, but you can see from a glimpse in our window and at the neighbouring Dorset Towers that the power is still on.

This made us a hub later in the day for friends who had no power – whiskeys, and charging up phone, and telling stories.
Christchurch earthquakeChristchurch earthquake

The bookcase deposited its contents and itself on the bed.
Not long after, we each went round the corner to see what had happened. It was a weird little pre-dawn pilgrimage.

Knox Church, Victoria Street.

Christchurch earthquake

The Daily Bagel and the Covent Fruit Centre’s facade had fallen into the street.

Christchurch earthquake

The same scene when the sun came up.
Christchurch Earthquake

The petrol station filled with panicked people.
Christchurch Earthquake

The neighbour’s jenga chimney.
Christchurch Earthquake

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