Sunrises, rubbish, and books: Christchurch in pictures

Today the sunrise was like a Neopolitan icecream, great bands of rich colour.

Shapes and structures: the sunrise on the hills, Friday 13 July. Lichfield Street Car park to the right.

The Cross, the Crossing: sunrise over Cashel Street and Colombo Street. Friday 13 July.

Worker walks out of the darkness: a crate on Colombo Street beside Ballantynes. Friday 13 July.

I swear I saw a meteorite last night, looking down Edgeware Road. Was too slow to get a picture of the ember like shape, but here is the unusual vapour trail that extended from it. Thursday 12 July.

A pink rubbish bin and rubbish in front of the Twisted Hop, Lichfield Lanes. Thursday 12 July.

C1 Espresso is coming back. Cool image on old Alices in Videoland building on High Street where work is taking place now. Thursday 12 July.

Workers about to land on top of the Price Waterhouse Coopers. Wednesday 11 July.

The Grant Thornton building. Wednesday 11 July.

Joshua and the Flying Cup Cafe, now located weekdays on the corner of Peterborough and Colombo Streets. Wednesday 11 July.

Kendal Avenue park, after having been to the wonderful Lions book sale. Saturday 7 July.

My book booty from the Lions book sale. Saturday 7 July.

A sampling of my photos from around Christchurch this week.

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